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The Booyah ToadRunner Is Unleashed

The fishing world’s premier hollow-body frog manufacturer has launched their spin on a noise producing topwater frog bait – and it looks fantastic. The Booyah ToadRunner is going to be a staple in my tournament boat going forward.

The new Booyah ToadRunner will be available in 10 color choices. Photo courtesy Booyah.
The new Booyah ToadRunner will be available in 10 color choices. Photo courtesy Booyah.

The Booyah ToadRunner is the latest evolution in soft-body frogs with a noise and bubble producing tail. This new bait will remind many of the Teckel Sprinker Frog, but with a few important improvements. First, Booyah is the industry leader in frog design and are using a modified Pad Crasher frog body as the base for the lure. The legs are pre-trimmed the correct length to allow the tail to do its thing without wrapping or spinning. Finally, the tail itself has a couple of key performance features.

The Booyah ToadRunner will be perfect for situations where you want to fish a frog in either the dense grass, vegetation or other cover or can be worked efficiently across open water. Seems to be a perfect blend of a frog and buzzbait.

This promotional video featuring Jason Christie is a great way to learn more about the Booyah ToadRunner. He used a prototype of the bait in a tournament on Lake Rayburn in 2017. Check it out.

Booyah ToadRunner Tail Design

The tail is what makes the Booyah ToadRunner create the bubbles, gurgles and noise that will attract a strike. The wire form molded into the tail gives the angler the ability to shape the tail for multiple sounds and different levels of water displacement. Additionally, the tail itself is a translucent, clear plastic which eliminates a target point so the fish only targets the body. This should make for a better hookup ratio than a white or chartreuse tail.

Booyah ToadRunner Specifications

The new ToadRunner will come in 10 different color options for anglers to choose from. I’m thinking I will stick with the standard dark/black look and a lighter belly color as my primary two baits. The ToadRunner itself is 4.5″ long and weighs 7/8 ounces – compared to 2.5″ and 1/2 ounces for a traditional Booyah Pad Crasher. Booyah representatives report the bait will be available in mid-February and should retail for $9.99, which is a big savings over the Teckel Sprinker Frog which retails for $13.99 on Tackle Warehouse.