Ways to Rig a YUM Warning Shot and Kill Shot

A finesse approach is often what it takes to get the fish to bite, andyum-logo YUM has a couple of versatile plastics you can turn to when the fish are finicky and the bite is tough. The YUM Warning Shot and Kill Shot are key go-to baits that can be rigged in various ways to trigger bass to strike.

The YUM Warning Shot has a thin, waggly side to side blade-like tail, and the YUM Kill Shot features a thicker tail with a much more subtle up and down tail movement. Both can be deadly and fished in four different ways.

YUM Warning Shot rigs

  1. Drop shot nose hook exposed – For fishing the drop shot in less cover, deeper or if I’m going to drag it through the water at a faster pace. Leaving the hook tip exposed allows the bait to swivel much more easily around the hook itself, providing a bit more action. Shown with Gamakatsu hook.
  2. Drop Shot nose hooked – This is how I drop shot most of the time because I generally will use the drop shot in shallow situations around cover and leaving the hook barb inside the nose makes it weedless enough to avoid serious hang-ups. This rig does sacrifice some action, but generally I don’t see a difference in performance. Shown with Gamakatsu hook.
  3. Split shot – For more of a gliding and extremely weedless action out of your Warning Shot or Kill Shot, try a Texas rig with a 2/0 wide gap worm hook. After setting up the Texas rig, add a split shot 6-10″ above the hook on the line. This method is for fishing either very shallow or in cover and slowly dragging the bait letting it bump and deflect in an erratic way. Perfect for when bass are chasing bait fish shallow.
  4. Finally, put the YUM Warning Shot or Kill Shot on a jig head (I prefer one that is weedless) for an irresistible finesse bait. You will want to remove the first segment of the bait so it will be flush with the jig head when threaded on the hook. If you want to bounce along the bottom like a feeding baitfish, I would prefer the Kill Shot. To ‘swim’ it along the bottom, the Warning Shot will give you a bit more of a swimming look. Grub head is weedless and is from PJ’s Finesse Baits.

There are many more ways you can use these great YUM baits, but these are the ones I recommend. Give them a try the next time you need to downsize and get that key bite.