Preferred Brands

Owner Hooks has devoted nearly a decade of effort in developing a line of high quality, high performance fish hooks that, today, are second to none in popularity among both fresh and saltwater anglers. From hooks for plastics, specialty hooks and trebles, Owner meets all of my hook needs for bass fishing.

MTI (Marine Technologies International) life jackets are made for paddlers by paddlers. They know that people have a choice when it comes to buying a life jacket. If the best life vest is the one you will wear, they want to make a PFD that you will choose to wear because it is comfortable, looks good, and is affordable. No one wants a good day on the water to end up badly. Wear a life jacket for yourself and the ones you love. 

Booyah Bait Company makes a wide range of bass catchin lures including frogs, jigs, spinnerbaits, hard baits and buzz baits. Check out their new lineup of one knocker lipless lures.


A time-tested leader in baits, including signature products like the Zara Spook, Tiny Torpedo and Sonar lures. Heddon lures are always in my kayak. Check out my favorite spook colors – Okie Shad or Bone.


YUM produces quality plastics that fish like to bite at prices that fisherman love.  Wooly Hawgtails, YUM Dingers, Christie Craws and Warning Shots are among some of my favorite YUM baits.

Small water and big water bass fishing with REBEL classics like the Pop-R, Crawfish, Crickets and Jumpin Minnow. The Rebel Pop-R is one of the first lures in the water for me at dawn and dusk.


Dobyns Rods offers a wide selection of rod options designed for almost any bass fishing technique. Their combination of quality rod components and affordable prices make these rods an attractive option for the kayak angler – particularly their Fury series rods which are perfect for kayak fishing.



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